Own a Villa in Florida for less

Did you know you can afford to buy a villa in Florida for a fraction of the price.  Your own little piece of luxury in the sunshine states without the worries.

Shared ownership is how this is possible, Shared Ownership is NOT timeshare.

You own your share of the property, it is registered with companies house and you receive a share certificate and all official paperwork regarding ownership, your share in the villa can be sold at any time or passed down to family or friends or sold to get some or all of your investment back.

Starting at only £1800 per week ONE OFF PURCHASE PRICE for each week required (i.e 2 Weeks in the villa will cost only £3600) then monthly costs at only £16 per week owned to cover maintenance, insurances, utilities etc per month with no further costs. – so basically you pay for the number of weeks you want to purchase and then only £16 per month for the weeks you own NOTHING ELSE!!!.

  • You can buy as many weeks as you want.
  • Complete ownership which can be sold, transferred, gifted whatever you choose.
  • Your weeks will rotate by 2 weeks each year or can be swapped with other members at no cost if required.
  • The Villa is privately owned and managed by the owners, not a management Company.
  • You have your own key to the villa.
  • Regular meetings with all members of the villa to discuss plans for the villa.
  • Online website to view villa information and calendars on a live system.
  • You are involved in all the decision making of the villa.
  • You will have your own private lockable area at the villa to keep your own belongings as this is your home away from home.
  • Private pool to relax around.
  • Discounts for restaurants and attractions.
  • Point of contact for any questions.

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