Cheap flights

If your looking for the best price on flights here are a few things to take into account.

  • School holidays are more expensive but with planning & our tips you can save!
  • Flights with stopovers can be cheaper
  • If it seems to too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Use screenscrapers (websites that search all airlines) as well as the main airlines websites for the best prices.
  • Set alerts with websites that offer this to track price changes.

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Skyscanner we feel is one of the best screenscrapers around. You can set alerts to easily track dates you are looking at to see if prices go up or down. gives you a general guide as to who is offering the cheapest flights at various times of the year.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic are one of few airlines that fly direct to Orlando International Airport. It’s worth checking direct with virgin as sometimes they have good sales direct.



TUI fly into Sanford Airport which is the smaller of the two airports. Home of the Dreamliner Aircraft with offers on throughout the year.

A good website for checking flights with the charter airlines like TUI which some of the others don’t check.