Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience to look at the Earth from space launching from Kennedy Space Centre in 2021.


The first take-off is scheduled in 2021 from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, your space flight will launch from the iconic runway where the Space Shuttle landed upon its return from space. Additional planned launch locations include Cecil Spaceport in Florida, Hawaii, Alaska and elsewhere as we expand operations around the planet.





Photo and videos c/o The Space Perspective website


The experience will take you on a 6 hour journey about 18 miles high taking off from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and landing in the open sea before being loaded on a boat where passengers will disembark to take you to shore. (see diagram below).



The pressurised space capsule will carry 8 people plus a pilot and will be carried to space by what can only be described of as a large balloon, like something from the Pixar movie UP.

So how much does it cost? This is the number one question we keep hearing. The experience will set you back $125,000, a small price to pay for a once in a lifetime experience?.

How do I sign up? Via the Space Perspective website and you can even reserve your seat.


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